Pure Data, The WIRE and Quantum Natives

Hey i was reading the latest issue of THE WIRE today

Quantum Natives: Scattered across the globe but digitally connected, Brood Ma, Yearning Kru, recsund, Rosen and other QN operatives are forging parallel futures for electronic sound and vision. By Rory Gibb.

In the article it mentions a “Pure Data Patch” used by Andy Parkinson that’s kind of like a cross between Derek Bailey and Autechre. SO i searched the really cool website

And found the Album Andy made with the patch and the patch itself that i actually wrote in 2006 :slight_smile:

Available for organelle here

He wrote some fun extensions on it that randomize the parameters with array functions
but it’s in a sense a patch by Sakonda [from MaxMSP] Bill orcutt wrote the granular code in 2000 and i have maintained it since 2004 :slight_smile:




That’s rad! Which album is it that he used the patch for?

The Dane Law

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