Puredata vanilla patch repository

so, I’ve been googling around, but haven’t really been able to find a large repository of vanilla pd patches, but i did find this:

if anyone has any other resources for vanilla patches, please post them here!

Thanks for finding/posting this!

of course. i just wish there were more patches… i only see 11 patches marked as vanilla … perhaps this community is going to change this :smile:

I wonder if the C and G people could post the patches they are working on there (or somewhere) so individuals like myself who are very eager to hear the Organelle or view the PD patches could be satisfied until we are gifted with official video/audio.

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Hello. I am very new to pd and am curious if the patches in this link are compatability with organellle? http://www.martin-brinkmann.de/pd-patches.html
I am really looking forward to a granular sampler,fm.synth,etc

many of these patches should (those which run fine on a rpi2), the granulators for example.
some might require tweaking though…

Guys, check this out: Place for us to exchange Organelle patches

Am my the only one working in video who would like to see the visual contrller/processor potentials explored with Organelle andor ie a collaboration with lumen and or Vosc to produce a modifyable video synth…tell me you’ve already got some patches for this that connect to a computer or monitor!!!

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Here is a nice collection of vanilla patches: https://github.com/coderofsalvation/pd-puredata-vanilla-patches

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We just posted a granular synth patch called Nori Grains. Check it out and all the ‘official’ C&G patches here: www.organelle.io

One user just posted an FM patch they made: Node FM: A tiny FM-Synth !

Paaaaaatch overload!
Exciting times :slight_smile:

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