Pygame image manipulation

I’m getting my feet wet in Pygame coding and would like to start by modifying one the image modes. I would of course start with a simple instance, like simple background image. My goal is to manipulate/shift hue and saturation with 2 encoders. I saw there’s a ‘patching’ category, but it appears to focused on the Organelle, so apologies if this isn’t the right place to ask. I found a couple of articles which seem to indicate this is possible, but in one article here was some concern over processing speed.

To do this in real time you would have to do it through pygame. Check out the docs to see what is available. looking quickly I didn’t see anything built in that does this manipulation. This leaves the option of going through the image pixel by pixel, similar to the PIL example you mentioned, and this would probably be real slow.

Another thing to try is overlaying images of solid colors with alpha channel to create a filter. more of a colorizer… or use alpha channels to mix together several of the same image with different color filters already applied. but alpha channel stuff can also be slow, so it will be a balancing act.