Questions about the Organelle M

I just ordered it and was wondering: Can I use the Organelle M as an FX processor to my RYTM? Similar to what the Thru Machine on the Octatrack.

Another question, if I tweek the FXs while playing live (let’s use a synth as an example), is there a button/ option to revert to the original/“preset” FXs setting?

Thanks in advance!

Organelle M - can input and output stereo , so depends can the RYTM accept a stereo input into the chain… it’ll probably talk about it as a send/return?

depending upon patch, Organelle M could also use this as 2 mono channels if you prefer,.

completely dependent upon patch.
I can’t say Ive seen many that do this… not because its hard, just i guess users haven’t wanted it :wink:

you can revert a preset on Orac, but Ive not made it a single button press…
the issue being… theres not really the ‘UI space’ to dedicate to it.
(actually, thats said, Orac will accept program change from midi to load a preset, so that should revert if you have an external controller to tell it to load it again )

Thank you very much for the reply :slight_smile:

@jaycee21 The patch called FX13 which comes pre-installed allows you to have a preset on each key, similar to Octatrack scenes, so for example you could have 2 delays on adjacent keys with different parameters, it is has 13 fx types - delay, filter, distortions, phaser, flanger, reverb etc. You are free to assign and save your presets to each key, and switching between them is as simple as pressing a key. It is pretty great!

The quality of the fx is pretty good too, obviously not eventide quality but perfectly useable IMHO.