Recieve note data for all MIDI channels on EYESY (Omni Mode)


I see it is currently only possible for EYESY to receive note data on a single MIDI channel. My sequencer sends data on mutlple channels per performance and I would like EYESY to respond to note data coming in on all channels.

Where can I set this?

not exactly a easy way to solve the problem, but on your end you could figure out how to merge all your midi data into something that puts all notes on channel 1. software of some sort could do it or a midihub by blokas maybe. not cheap or easy. but a workaround :slight_smile:
hopefully they can implement some sort of omni in on the midi, so it picks up notes from all channels. i looked through the manual and i think you change the channel its on easy but i did not see anything about a omni mode. should not be too hard to maybe have the midi in accept all notes from all channels but ignore the rest of the midi stuff except the stuff on the designated midi channel.