Record midi file (store + play them back)

Is there any patch that lets you record .midi files and play them back?

The Midi File Sampler should do that but when I press a key > aux to record/store a new sequence it doesn’t do it.

Would be nice to have a patch where you could record, store and play different midi sequences (with each key), and eventually assign different midi channels to some of them, etc.

Guess the Midi File Sampler is nearly there it’s just that it doesn’t seem to generate the midi files somehow.

If there is anything of this kind that I’m overseeing?

The MIDI File Sampler patch records an audio sample. This audio sample is used instead of a synthesized note from the MIDI files on the keys. The MIDI files are never changed in this patch.

I agree that it would be cool to have a patch that created MIDI files!

Indeed, would be great to also be able to play them back and to switch between some pre-recorded sequences, perhaps with some added functionalities, like shifting start / end points, selecting midi channel, etc.

Can see it being even more useful in orac, as you could run that in a chain of modules.

If anyone fancies it (goes well beyond my pd skills unfortunately)