Recording video output to computer

I’m super new to using a device like this: what is the most efficient cost-effective way of capturing and recording the video feed from the ETC on my iMac? My computer does not have an HDMI input.

I use this one

Probably not the cheapest, and the software isn’t the most straightforward to understand easily, but it works!

That’s an interesting thought–I’m most keen to get it onto my iMac though. Any ideas there?

Does your Imac have an HDMI input? If so you can use the Elgato

Maybe I misunderstood your original post: Is your setup ETC–>Elgato—>computer with the Elgato connecting via USB? Because that’s what I’m looking for: a way to transmit the HDMI to my non-HDMI equipped computer.

Yes sorry, you are right it is connected to the Mac with USB, not HDMI! The HDMI output goes to the monitor

Hi, I’m trying to use Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder along with Blackmagic Media Express software to record from ETC to my computer, but although I adjusted to 720p60, it’s not working. Is there anyone using it? Thanks for any advice.

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Does anyone know whether this will also work with the Elgato Game Capture HD (as well as the HD60 mentioned above) ?
Asking because I can get an HD cheaper than a HD60

We haven’t tried the Elgato Game Capture HD but the product’s specs say it works with the ETC’s output specs (720p60). From

Anyone know tried to see if this works with the video scope?

Hi all - just wondering if anyone has had success with the Elgato Game Capture or any other device to record ETC into mac?

Hi, Yes we use the Elgato Game Capture and the HD60s all the time.

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not sure if this has been discussed but i use blackmagic grabbers because they have multi-style adapters for a variety of inputs and and HDMI in and that seems to cover all bases presently. I cannot speak to 4K

For Black Magic users make sur eyou have the latest software and i found that if i go through EVERY SINGLE setting 1080i/p–>X i find one that works. It might be exhaustive but then i have the format that the grabber likes. for example with a previous installation i was working on it was 1080p 24 and it looked nice

is it the blackmagic mini recorder you’re using?

so you have a Black Magic device working? would you mind sharing exact model and software you are using?

Intensity Pro:

Name: Intensity Pro
Type: Video
Driver Installed: Yes
Bus: PCI
Slot: Slot-3
Vendor ID: 0xbdbd
Device ID: 0xa117
Subsystem Vendor ID: 0xbdbd
Subsystem ID: 0xa117
Revision ID: 0x0000
Link Width: x1
Link Speed: 2.5 GT/s

on mac el capitan Dual Quad Core Mac with
64 GB 1066 MHz DDR3
AMD Radeon HD 7950 3072 MB

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I am trying to run my ETC and my laptop into a Roland V-1HD video mixer via HDMI, the mix is being fed into a TV also via HDMI. I want to be able to record my video mixes with my Elgato HD60 game capture device but it does not seem to recognize the output from the video mixer when I hook up the capture device between the mixer and the television. The USB of the Elgato is being run back into same computer that is being fed into the mixer, but I get no feedback in the Game Capture software. The mixer is set to output at 720p.

Do you guys have any suggestions, or do you think I am SOL, and need to go a different route to record video? Thanks!

I don’t understand the setup exactly, but this should work. We record output of V-1HD with the elgato all the time. Did you try both outputs of the V-1HD? (one is OUTPUT and one is PREVIEW, which is the same but it has the menu overlays) now that I think about it we usually run 1 output to a TV or projector and the other to the elgato, so that might be something to try.

Let me try to explain the setup a little better. I want to mix live visuals from my ETC and video footage from my laptop as a secondary video source. I have turned off mirroring so that I can see the video from my laptop only on the TV monitor that is receiving output from the video mixer, but I am still able to control software from my laptop screen.

So the ETC and my laptop are being used as video inputs into the Roland mixer, with the mixer being run into the Elgato, but I can’t seem to get the Elgato to be recognized in the Game Capture software. The device shows up as connected to computer but says “No Signal.”

When you say you have one output hooked up to the TV, and the other to the Elgato, do you mean that there is an HDMI going directly into the TV from the output slot, and another HDMI from the preview slot to the IN slot on the Elgato? My Elgato is then connected via USB back into the same laptop but the output is not being picked up by the software.

Your setup make sense.

The answer to your question above is ‘yes.’

Are you sure you connected the V-1HD’s output to the input of the Elgato? (and not the Elgato’s preview/thru jack)

I also responded to your emails to us. You said the ETC works with the Elgato hardware/software directly. And assuming your connections are all correct, this is probably a question for the Elgato and/or Roland companies. We’ve never tried using the same computer to generate visuals and record incoming visuals simultaneously (though this doesn’t sound too crazy :crazy_face:).