Release: Gendy~ 2018

14 years later the first gendy~ patch for organelle~
the playing buttons do the most on this patch
60 starts the timeline and the sampler
[you can run the sampler individually with footswitch]
Aux samples a new sample
Yellow LEDs mean quantization
White Means Harmonizer
Purple means Random
Green means on for things
Blue is glissandos
There is a flanger~ that is the main effect, play with it
Tempo is reversed from 30 to 600 [600 being the slowest]


it should be noted that the “sampler” only samples the internal gendy~ into the partition sampler which can then be cutup autechre style in realtime by pressing the aux button repeatedly and randomizing the functions by pressing 83 [last button]

Thanks for this - struggled initially to get it do much more than just squeak at me, before experimentation around sequences of buttons seemed alight on ways to make it interesting/pleasurable.

The Organelle is becoming a proper education to me - whilst I’m still struggling to make any real progress with Pure Data (eventually it will come…), I’ve enjoyed being forced to read around Xenakis and stochastic synthesis. Something my OP-1 has never demanded of me :slight_smile:

wonderfully mind-blowing stuff!


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i was listening to alot of Prurient and Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement [Dominick Fernow] & Russel Haswel and this one was a labor of love, glad someone checked it out :slight_smile:

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this is completely left field, far out weirdness. love it shree!

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i am making a template for the controls for this and Nyphonic. before i release fluidflow~ and munger~ and PLunk~

working on these today



Cool to come back to Organelle after some months and find all these gems. Another killer patch, thanks!

this would actually be a dope one on orack!

+1! Can think of a bunch of shree’s that would be great in Orac. Even if only to be able to resample the craziness internally and throw it elsewhere to mess with, or just be able to feed it in to another his patches (sample playback if cpu can’t chain the heavier Cpu hitters…) for further insanity.
Rabbit hole machine :slight_smile:

if you all make a list of ones this summer i can look at it but right now i am up to my ears with new work for PiSound and their new system [where we are actually using MEC/KTRL] so i am slowly trying to get comfortable with @thetechnobear 's system. Because i agree i am not fond of making menus and rather than update older patches from old menus to new-- i will make a few into modules.

Also i am currently working for Qubit Electronix making a set of patches for the Nebulae2 which will be out in a month or so

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Also i have a New Gendy~ that is way simpler than this one. i think i over indulged with this release because i had waited so long but fresh eyes on it revealed a much cooler idea

i’ll share Gendy II electric bugaloo or some bullshit soon


Shine on man x

gendy instrument and orac in a new thread