Remote control of Organelle!

Hey guys!

I know this have been up here a few times and I have been looking through the threads about how it’s possible to control the organelle from a computer over Wifi, like remote desktop.

But it seems to be really complicated to do so, I dont find any step by step guide for doing this.

This is really one of the last hurdles, in my opinion, that would be super nice to get sorted. Organelle is super awesome, but having to have keyboard mouse and display connected is a bit overly complicated, imo and slows down the patching process, especially if you want to build your own stuff and not only use C&I patches… and it often mean that i dont use it much and tend to use my Axolotis instead, cause its a lot simpler patching on Axoloti. Which is a pitty cause its a really nice device, the Organelle :slight_smile:

Getting the remote thing to work would make my(everyones) day :slight_smile:

Or a step by step tutorial on how to do it, would also be nice.

Have there been any progress on this matter?