Remote Patching (using X11)

cool, you have it working

its a bit odd -C just launches the command, so unsure why you cant do this on the organelle itself.
similarly xhost + is usually required to extend permission to a remote client to access a local display.

would seem for some reason, our macs/xquartz are configured differently.

anyway, id not worry about it, if you have it working :wink:

I’m just wondering if that command works for you on your mac, if it doesn’t then I guess the macs must be setup different in some way. It is easily possible that I have done something at some time in the past to get it working in this way!

I would also just like to say thanks for all your help and the work that you have been doing on the organelle, it is very much appreciated.

I just got X11 working on a Windows machine :slight_smile: (with Putty and Xming).
I originally tried to use secure X11 forwarding but I couldnt get it working (I think logging in as root makes this a bit complicated as it prevents the .Xauthority file from getting setup on login).
Launching Xming without access controls enabled and setting DISPLAY manually did the trick though.

Thats useful info, I was thinking of setting up my surface pro, I will look at Xming. Thanks for the info.

Thanks a lot for this, as this solutions works also on Ubuntu. Starting xterm directly as a ssh parameter makes also here a difference.

I have this running on macOS, but it seems pretty unstable. After loading a few different patches, my Organelle ‘clicks’ and freezes up.

(For future macOS visitors - you’ll need to install XQuartz-2.7.11.dmg these days)

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I find that X11 forwarding for the Organelle works surprisingly well.

If anybody else has had a hard time adjusting their brain to using Control instead of Command in Pure Data, Command can be set up to function as Control by creating a .Xmodmap file in the home directory on your Mac with the following content:

! Remap Cmd to Ctrl in XQuartz apps
clear Mod2
clear control
keycode 63 = Control_L
keycode 67 = Control_L
keycode 71 = Control_L
add Control = Control_L

Dear All

I’ve spent an exciting couple of hours trying to work out why I could not get X11 forwarding with my organelle so I could edit patches directly with my Linux laptop or my MacBook. I kept getting the message

X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.

But none of the suggestions I got for googling that matched what I had. I’ve been using as my image and I think it has a bug. I picked this one up from an earlier thread which intimated it was the most recent but now thinking I may be wrong :). It came from

Specifically I noticed eventually that the XAUTHORITY environment variable was pointing at

[root@organelle ~]# ls -al /var/tmp/.Xauthority_root 
-rw------- 1 root root 0 Nov  7 15:20 /var/tmp/.Xauthority_root

But the actual xauthority file being updated was

[root@organelle ~]# ls -al /tmp/Xauthority-root 
-rw------- 1 root root 110 Nov  7 16:17 /tmp/Xauthority-root

Once I did

[root@organelle ~]# export XAUTHORITY=/tmp/Xauthority-$USER

I could at last run xeyes from my organelle! YAY! And it appears I can edit patches ! Yay! I made it permanent in my .bash_profile.

But before I go too far, am I using a dodgy image and might face other issues? And if so - what image is recommended?

many thanks to everyone here for their hardwork on this - very much appreciated.

Best regards


see this post

but Im pretty sure this is in OS 3.0 (and above),
which OS image do yo have installed?

EDIT, just read your using 3.1… do you want to check the file discussed in the above post is present, and correct.

Ah - I did read that earlier and then I thought all these changes had been rolled in.

Just checked and I do have that file and the entries in sshd_config although there’s a slight change to the path. (/etc/ssh/sshd_config). This is a new image I applied earlier from scratch to make sure I hadn’t ballsed something up. So should be working?

[root@organelle ~]# grep PermitUser /etc/ssh/sshd_config 
#PermitUserEnvironment no
PermitUserEnvironment yes

[root@organelle ~]# cat .ssh/environment 

Many thanks


Hey guys!

I know this have been up here a few times and I have been looking through the threads about how it’s possible to control the organelle from a computer over Wifi, like remote desktop.

But it seems to be a bit complicated to do so, I dont find any step by step guide for doing this, the info is a bit scattered.

This is really one of the last hurdles, in my opinion, that would be super nice to get sorted. Organelle is super awesome, but having to have keyboard mouse and display connected is a bit overly complicated, imo and slows down the patching process, especially if you want to build your own stuff and not only use C&I patches… and it often mean that i dont use it much and tend to use my Axolotis instead, cause its a lot simpler patching on Axoloti. Which is a pitty cause its a really nice device, the Organelle :slight_smile:

Getting the remote thing to work would make my(everyones) day :slight_smile:

Or a step by step tutorial on how to do it, would also be nice.

Have there been any progress on this matter? On making it simpler?



…I would disagree: once you have those, patching is super easy. (You may not have them already, but that is a different issue.)

Have you tried these instructions from an earlier post on this thread?

I got it all, but having to have a whole extra setup for just the organelle, when you all ready have a computer running that could be used as a host, doesnt make a lot of sense to me. If I want to sit in my couch doing patching which I prefer to do, I have to move everything, keyboard, screen, mouse, usb hub around. Rather than just moving the organelle over and use the computer as remote.

That is many things to have connected to be able to patch on the device. And using the computer that is already running would eliminate all that. Its a big setup to move around, when we potentially could use the computer we all ready have on most of the time.

If you are out gigging and you want to make a last minute change or maybe just edit some patches… Do you bring all those things with you just in case? Mouse, Keyboard, Screen, Usb hub? On top of alle the other gear you bring along? Its a lot to carry around…

Anyway, we can have our opinions/reasons I guess. I just dont see any reason to have to connect a bunch of stuff to the organelle if it can be done with a computer than I all ready have turned on and using. Thats my 2 cents.

Further more, the simpler this is, the more people will get into it.

So thats why I ask about it, its a lot simpler using the computer as remote.

I will give it a go tommorow, thanks. It just seems like there are potentially many complications, from what users write. But maybe I am lucky and it will work in first go. I will give it a try :slight_smile:

I guess these complications are what makes plugging in a display and keyboard/mouse easier at the moment, I couldn’t figure out how to get x11 to work even following instructions :frowning: - but I too would prefer to do away with the separate display and keyboard. I currently have a small table in my apartment dedicated to patching - I think my partner would prefer we use it as a coffee table. That said, a full size keyboard and mouse are very ergonomic make for a comfortable workstation.

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Exactly what I was fearing.

What do you do when you go play somewhere? Do you bring all that stuff along, keyboard, display, mouse, usb hub in case you want to edit some thing?

I dig all the progress that have been mande on Organelle, its really cool. But to me its just still end up not really being used much because of these things. I had some issues in the past with the original usb drive and power supply all that is taken care of now, everything is working 100% and up to date and I really thought I’d be using it more. But this just makes the patch process really slow and cumbersome.

Ease of use is to me a must, writing everything from scratch can be pretty complicated in PD even without having to worry about these things. At least if you want to make something really nice.

I have tried to make a setup, where I use a Launch Control as a “controller” for patching on my Macbook. It emulates the 4 knobs on the left and some push buttons.

And when I am as done as I can get with the patch, I push a button to switch from “Launch controller mode” to “Organelle mode”, so it uses Organelles buttons/knobs, instead of the Launch set up and then copy the patch to Organelle.

This works semi okay, but still you cant really do any display setup, cause that stuff you have to do directly on the Organelle… And after you made a patch, copied it to Organelle and changed to “Organelle mode” and you realise that you missed something or simply just want to edit it, you have to copy it back to computer again do the edit and then copy it back to Organelle again. All this just takes a bit of the fun out of it, imo.

Anyway, today, I will try and see if I can get X11 working. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

different users have different needs…

so, the deal is…
the X11 side on the Organelle is correctly configured, out of the box in OS 2.2+

what appears to need tweaking, is how you start on macOS, others seem to be using

ssh -Y -C root@organelle xterm -hold -e “~/scripts/”

for some reason i don’t need to do this, (probably because Ive tweaked X11 some time in the past, as I use it on other X11 projects) - but if this works, then thats cool too…

there are two other options:

a) OscProxy
this actually needs improving, to be more useable by ‘end users’, as it was created as a development tool for me, and I just shared it. but in my opinion this is by far the best approach for ‘major’ patch developments.
(it also means cross-platform development is easier)

b) VNC
its possible to install a vnc server on the Organelle then use an vnc client on windows/mac (mac has one built-in). the advantage of this approach is that, unlike X11, it doesn’t required further configuration on mac, or windows.
However, apart from testing it (quite a while back) , I don’t use it - which is why its been on my ‘todo list’ for quite a while to create the necessary install package - such that users can easily install it.
I’ll see if I can find some time to do it - but we all know time is hard to find :wink:

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Thank you very much @thetechnobear I will give it a go later today :slight_smile:

Actually, let me tell you something. I think you deserve some thing for all this effort that you put into these open source projects. Not only Here in Organelle forum, but also in Axoloti forum. Have been following both for years and you sir, have done like seriously a lot to make thing easier for every one and never asked anything back.

And in the spirit of christmas time, I want to donate a few $ to you, for your endless efforts to make things easier for people.

And I would suggest everyone who feels like me to do the same!

I have the utmost respect for the amount of time you put into these things. I know we had a few headbutts in the past :wink: But I do know when respect is due, and you have my respect, sir!

Is there anyway, that someone like me could make a small donation to some one like you, for the effort you put in? Paypal?

Thanks and keep going!


good luck, hope you can get it to work out.

Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it.

no donations needed, I enjoy helping out others, and using what skills I have to help everyone (hopefully) get a little more out of their stuff.


That all right, its up to you. I dont know many people who would say no to donations :wink:

Look forward to try if it works, when I get home :slight_smile:

Ok, so I created the VNC package for Organelle.

details of how of how to install and use are on this thread:

generally, unless you are familiar with X11, and you want a more ‘integrated’ feel, Id recommend you use VNC - its easier to use and install.