Rungletown heights

Here is a Super Experimental ReWrite Test of The Benjolin(e) Rungler patch written by Derek Holzer for Pure Data it is based on the now infamous circuit designed by Rob Hordijk.

This one hopes to remove the need for “pd-extended” libraries for the patch to run. When i initially ported this patch to organelle i had owned the device for about three days so it was/is a huge learning experience for me.

So Ideally a new user will be able to run this patch “Stand-alone” without even the “pd-extended” folder **though you should really have it anyway.

Also the values have been cleaned up a bit and It is now possible to RUNGLE a live stream.
The playing buttons act as patch points analogous to the real benjolin/rungler itself. I actually have an Epoch Modular benjolin and Dereks code is quite similar to the real mccoy

The Footswitch switches between Internal & External Rungling as well as the last playing key will switch input functions as well. Apparently there was ONLY internal rungling functioning previously. Now you can rungle the heck out of a live stream and it sounds pretty nice.

Tried to make it start a little more rapidly and i think i was successful. Hopefully some folks here can try it before we release it to the general public to confirm it’s working.

Happy Rungling!

Suggested Names:
Todd Runglin
Rungling Bros Barnum Bailey Circus


this is brilliant!

so You get sounds I assume. This is encouraging. Try sending it a live input. Do you have a footswitch Andy?

yes, I have a foot switch.

it’s fantastic on a live input too! first I fed the rungle-monster prince’s ‘when doves cry’ (my usual test song). it wasn’t such a good fit. then I fed it some Shellac and the results were pretty stunning. I want to try my guitar and my own vocals!

by the way, to wake up the monster I think you have to hit the last key on the keyboard.

Yes or footswitch!

okay! the foot’s witch! the foot twitch!

Frees up your hands for tweaking. Try the playing buttons to “patch” the rungler with triangle, pulse, pulse width and XOR logic as well —on off taps patch and unpatch it

It’s a terrific noisy monsta shree. Really got to grips with this one more so than in previous release :slight_smile: What is CVmidi and the other CV parameters? What is their ‘CV’ source?

The CV source is the audio input. i kept the naming system that Derek used So if you are in external input mode the CVInput should apply tweakings to that. . I like this one better as well. i think i got a little bit of overhead back with this version and tried to reduce the footprint alot

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this and ‘turn blue’ are two of my favorite shreeswifties. I love the noise and textures.

Finally got a minute to transfer this and have a play…Amazing patch! Phone was charging so I couldn’t reference the instructions but dumb luck arrived at some really nice sounds from feeding it op1 beats and arpeggios. Thanks!

@andy ‘turn blue’ = the ‘fukt1’ patch right? Only had a quick look at that so far but struggled getting sound. Will track down the instructions and go back to it ASAP.
Frustratingly my Organelle purchase has coincided with a period of zero free time and ironically it’s the first box I’ve bought in a while that has a lot to unpeel. Even just sifting through all the patches is taking me forever! Still got like 70 patches to test/figure out!? Pretty cool to be digging it already and feeling like I haven’t even scratched the surface yet tho :wink:

yeah, it’s FUKT1. press the keys and twiddle the knobs on the pages. maybe re-download and re-install. i don’t think it has any LAPSDA or PD-extended.

i guess there are a lot of patches you can download and play around with. the synth patches are pretty straightforward, samplers and loopers etc. take more time. i have some i’ve left to go back and learn about later on, especially if they don’t seem useful to the music i want to make.

Thanks, I’ll check fukt1 again tonight.

Yeh, ton of patches to sift through and see what’s useful/fun. A few that I’ve earmarked to come back to after reading up on them and hopefully they’ll make sense to me then.

Had a lot of fun checking out LPV and Morphagene this morning :slight_smile: