sampleBox --data swapping sample player~

Here is the SampleBox

this one lets you do similar things
but you can swap channels and blocks
by pressing the 60 & 61 little brown keys

Aux should load a new file
i think the menus do the rest


compiled for 32 bit
still Yves after all these years.

Poor communication only becomes enculturated when it has some larger economic purpose.
In the art world, it’s all a game to win funding. This type of art is not aimed at the general audience, but–if you bear with what seems like weird conspiratorial mumbo jumbo–about making a certain class of elites feel and appear smarter when dealing with their peers.

One way to accomplish both goals is to be inscrutable. That confuses and intimidates people, and can make them afraid to challengeyou.


It works okay and I really like the samples you put into it, however i’m not sure what the channel swap and flipblock are. i can’t actually detect a change when pressing 60 or 61

You move the values then press swap the flip the swap experiment and you will initially get a vocoder-ish FFT drone sound then you know it’s working it does not work until you tweak a little.

For example if you press it first like an “effect” it does nothing