Secondary Knob Functions

Wondering how one might go about adding secondary knob functions on the 201 accessed by holding down the shift key? I feel like this could add a lot of extra functionality but I’m not super experienced with programming in pd so I figured I’d post about it here.

Some examples of how this could work are:

  1. a clock divider/multiplier (shift+clock knob changes 16th notes to 32nd notes, 8th notes, etc.)

  2. more nuanced envelope control (for example, shape knob on its own controls release while shift+shape controls attack)

  3. vibrato rate control in red mode (shift+surprise knob)

I could also see this being used in a subtractive synth (tone knob for filter cutoff, shift+tone for resonance).

Seems like the 201 should be able to do this, and could potentially be really easy to implement. Any advice from those more experienced in pd would be greatly appreciated!


Hi. Don’t know nothing about making it, but it’s a brilliant idea.
In addition, it can be useful for organelle’s patches implementation ?