Selling my new Organelle S because I hate how the knobs function

My first foray into Organelle (and Pd) is a new “S” that I just got a few days ago and I am already hating how the 4 knobs are not endless encoders that one can turn and automatically pickup the values of the existing assigned parameters menu of whatever patch is loaded.

The “turn-to-catch” the value is super frustrating and I just HATE it for many reasons.

Why was this knob type chosen for the Organelle? Is there some technical reason for not being able to utilize endless encoders with PD and this hardware? It just seems like a really poor choice to me and I am surprised that they have apparently been like this for the product’s whole history.

Edit: It’s on now, if anyone is looking to buy go get it, I am sure it will go fast.

Hmm, I’ve never once felt like that was a problem. I like that they have endpoints because max and min can be felt. I think it would be easy enough to connect a midi fighter twister up to an organelle to have 16 endless encoders.


“I’ve never once felt like that was a problem”

I don’t believe that for a moment, but whatever.

It is the achilles heel of the device.

I too never once run into it being a problem or annoying. Fine if you don’t like it and I get it’s probably better design wise, but it’s FAR from being a big problem.


I was hoping it wouldn’t be a problem for me either, but turned out it was. If I told you someone contacted me who converts these things to using encoders you would have no interest then? :wink:

10 characters of nah


It’s never been a problem for me either. I have the organelle and organelle m. It’s been my favorite piece of gear I’ve ever bought. :man_shrugging:

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Midi fighter twister could be a great parring indeed! Then the 4 knobs on the Organelle itself could be used for things like mixer control there you would really want the 1-to-1.

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Also just remembered this patch from @danfuzz

I could see if you’re trying to create a certain patch and your intended design is oriented towards a an endless encoder. But most of my patches are fixed scales of whatever or simple selectors. Also, when I use my midi fighter twister for controlling things in ableton, I’d be lost without the LED’s for feedback.

I certainly think that not using endless encoders is a limitation of the device. Similarly, the keyboard does not end on a C which is pretty limiting for performance purposes. Others point out it would be worthwhile to have 16 keys in the bottom row to enable step sequencer patches. Separate L and R outs would be nice, too. And so on, and so on. Maybe a future Organelle L will fix all of those, I’d certainly buy one!

My point however is that none of those problems are deal breakers in my book. I mean, even the Moog One uses regular knobs while it supports saving patches. Sure, it’s a flaw but not the end of the world. It’s still a fun device to use, I like it a lot.