Serial over USB

ok so I’m wondering what has been tested to work with serial over usb

I’m hoping for shnth / the repatcher
both have HID outputs in your max/PD
with something like the repatcher it would bump the 10 bit knob spec up to 10 rather than 4 and then the repatching ability was something I was going to explore with buttons but honestly why not use a device meant for it?
unfortunately the repatcher is now discontinued but I imagine someone with some experience could get something similar together as it seems like a must have to go along side the organelle

again the shnth seems like an obvious and easy way to add more gesture to the instrument
honestly I’ve been going back and forth about the organelle or an op1 but I think if I want a recording interface (the real big win over the organelle to me) I’ll just get a 4 track of some kind

If I can add this serial equipment I’ve got to the organelle for easy control then I’m sold

thinking about the patching part the shnth just comes straight out of the HID object but the repatcher has an object you use for patching ( ) so I’m thinking maybe it won’t be as easy for the repatcher to work

now if all I had to do was reprogram that object and hope there were no externals used in its making then I’m fine but otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to use I’m thinking is this correct?

I guess the next question would be can a USB hub be used to connect multiple serial devices to a single usb port on the organelle?

thank you so much this looks like a wonderful device