Shree Simple Studio Series 1: COMPRESSOR

i do love a silly alliteration
I am going to try to release some very simple high quality DSP tools that i end of wishing i had, then i say i need to research and make one then i forget until next time. Well, i cracked a hard drive from 2005 that has a TON of patches that you all are going to love eventually but i i wanted to make a few quick simple ones before i embark on a project that will take a few days so i am going to release this one

The knobs control Ratio, threshold, attack and release and the volume knob is the gain
Aux adds am amplitude based delay which is only a millisecond but it adds this really nice warmth to it

What do you all think? useful?


Definitely! Would be a great feature for people to implement in other patches too if it was an easily transferable patch.

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