ShreeSwifty FFT Series for Critter & Guitari Organelle Pt 1


This is the 2nd ShreeSwifty Set [the Vintage FluidSynths being the first set of patches] These are unique, complex and ultimately very interesting sound design tools

The 1st FFT Series includes:

FFTEASE Disaarray:

disarray~ reorders a certain number of bins, which can significantly transform the timbre.

FFTEASE Enrich :

enrich~ synthesizes an oscillator bank that reads from a Pd array, which can contain any user-specified waveform. Useful for distortion.


mindwarp~ performs spectral envelope warping. It can be used to correct for the formant shifting effects of pitch-scaling. The warp factor is tuned to warp spectra to compensate for directly corresponding pitch-scaling values. For example, if you have pitch-scaled a signal by a factor of two, increasing its frequency content by an octave, by providing mindwarp~ with a warp factor of 2 and the pitch-scaled signal, mindwarp~ will restore the spectral formant of the signal to an estimation of the shape present in the original unscaled signal. Currently, warp factor values are restricted to the range [1/16 … 16.]. mindwarp~ utilizes frequency shaping to perform its duty. You may need to fiddle with the shape width to best catch the formants. It can be fun to decorrelate the warp factor from the transposition factor.


pileup~ maintains amplitude/phase information in bins (with possible damping) until new information comes in above a given threshold. This is useful for various reverberant effects.

All do something insane via the FFT and all done on one menu

All also require that you have a live input coming into the Organelle


can i use mindwarp to make myself sound like barry white or does that break code of conduct?

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it’s in the EULA
"users may use mindwarp to evoke Teddy Pendergrass, Lou Rawls but not Barry White" I have lawyers for a reason bub.


but, am I allowed to use the pileup to make barry white sound like a hyperventilating chipmunk?

You can if you have a vast amount of resources for the pending litigation.!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Do I place the entire FFT-SERIES folder into patches?
Or do I place Disarray, Enrich, etc. in separately?

Currently I put the entire Series into patches. Played the keyboard and tried with an incoming audio source. But can’t hear anything. Just wondering what I’m doing wrong.
As always, any help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I was testing these this weekend–as I recall I retained the existing folder structure (nested patch folders work on OS 3)–as noted above all require incoming audio. As I recall, I noticed that the output volume is somewhat low, so you may have to crank it a bit.

Some of shree’s patches require pressing AUX or various keyboard buttons to activate, but I don’t think that’s needed in these.

I can double check tonight on this.

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