Simulate organelle screen on computer


Is it possible to simulate the organelle screen on computer? I want to test some things with the screen and a custom patch (a screen navigation with different pages) I made and for that I have to move a heavy tv from one floor down to my hardwares setup and move it back when i’m finished each time…

Something like a rectangle which react with the [s screenLine] commands should be ok.

the original ‘simulation’ is desktop mother -

if you search for mother on patchstorage, you’ll find some alternatives.

bare in mind, they are designed to ease patch development, rather than as full on emulators,
so have some limitations.

Thank’s, I tested it and the output goes to puredata console. Not the best I expected but good enough for now :slight_smile:

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perhaps, have a look at one of the others on patchstorage, I think they may be more complete.

(honestly, I dont use them… as Ive got other ways to test, but unfortunately Ive not really got them in a state that is easy to share)