Sonuus g2m

How to connect my MIDI transducer Sonuus G2M to the Organelle?
(G2M takes a mono audio sound and converts it to MIDI notes)

Using a MIDI device with Organelle is rather painless but not “hot swappable.”

  1. Connect your USB MIDI device. There are many class compliant (no drivers needed) USB-MIDI cables/boxes that work with the Organelle. We use but there are others listed elsewhere in the forum. Connect your USB-MIDI cable via an open USB port either on Organelle itself or on a USB hub that is connected to Organelle.
  2. Load the patch you want to use. If it was already loaded, please reload it. A newly connected USB MIDI device will not be recognized by the currently loaded patch. Reloading a patch will recognize all currently connected USB MIDI devices.

You may find this video helpful:

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That easy, just a cable?! Thanks!

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