Spectral Processing [Soundhack] for +organelle~ begins


Pitchdelay I can get from patch storage but not the bubbler, there is no download link for it. Are they uploaded elsewhere?

Do you mean that your versions are written specifically for Organelle and therefore run better?


Not written for but compiled for raspberry from source files that Tom Erbe gave me


No that was it. Bubbler is not hard to build it wont take you that long
have fun

you can use pitchdelay as an example!


hmm, the bubbler code seems to be present inside the +pitchdelay patch. do you have any idea how to wire it up for use?


+1 for that bubbler if anyone downloaded it before it was removed.



oh yeah, if you have it could you share it? @Wannop? that would be ace.


yes i certainly have it at home and i’ll upload if needs be, not there until next week but hey @shreeswifty this was your baby right? could you re-up the stock like wee-bey?


Spectral Files are being redone next month like the FFT set.

Coming Soon!


Would you prefer I hold fire then shree? It is your patch.


I prefer that you just wait because I’m not giving support for those right now because they are being re-written. I’m I can’t stop you from sharing them but I’m not making changes or answering the “I get no sound” posts


Soundhack Updates:
Hi Folks i just recompiled the Soundhack externals for pd on raspberry pi and with some C flag optimization research i got a really nice increase. For example +bubbler~ before was taking 16%-22% depending on the size of the sound [2-4 seconds] being bubbled but with flag adjustments i got it down to 7% to around 10% overhead. Not sure if anyone but me cares but this should reduce some overhead for organelle~ as well


just added FFTease3 and lyonpotpourri3 and a few really heavy PV externals that immediately crashed are opening and sound really nice. i do not have a benchmark for these but i will test when i get home

productive day with raspberry!


I am testing the PVtuner~ tonight on the organelle~ this could be VERY much fun indeed.



Rad, is it like the MINDWARP one from FFT Series? Got some cool ‘windowlicker’ effects from that.


yes, but i just got crushed. I optimized for Raspi3 and a shitton of specifc flags that makes them scream on the pisound BUT of course i forgot that i need to use

arm-gcc -O3 -mcpu=cortex-a9 -mfloat-abi=soft
so they all crash immediately

i need to go easy on the flakka