Squareosc not working

Hi does someone knows why this work on stepmother but not on organelle?
what am I missing?main.pd (2.4 KB)Image1

As far as I know “&&” and “||” are logical symbols and only usable within the [expr] object and tbh I’m really puzzled by the fact that your PD even recognizes them as objects (at least my PD doesn’t and I’m using 0.49). So replacing these may do the trick (just use [+~] for example)…

whilst && and || are both valid vanilla pd objects, but there is no audio rate (tilde) forms of them in vanilla,
so Id guess @formellana you are picking them up from your path somewhere, and they are not present on the organelle…

so a matter of tracking it down, then finding out if its available for the organelle (e.g. is it in pd-extended?)

The are in zexy I think? Sorry cant confirm ||~ rn, but here is link to organelle-compiled zexy with &&~ at least!

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