Stoppable Rhythmicon

I really love the Stereo Rhythmicon patch from Critter & Guitari, but I missed some features. As I wanted to learn Pd anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to start by modifying this patch. The most important new feature is, that an overtone can now be stopped by pressing the corresponding key again.

You can find the patch (and a list of all changes) here

Now I start to work on my first own patch, so please wish me luck :wink:


Excellent, thanks! And good luck!

This sounds fantastic, and I’ll be borrowing that tempo multiplier some patch in the future I think! :smile:


Hi i’m wondering if you think it is possible (or maybe not “if” but how can you think of) to make a rhythmicon that plays samples instead of the synthesizer voice?

Check out this great new release from thetechnobear: Orac : release 1.0

It has the Rhythmicon as one of it’s modules and a Sampler anyway. But it’s likely that the Rhythmicon module of Orac is missing the changes I have done to it.

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yeah sorry about that, I was doing a lot of modules in a short space of time, so didn’t have time to look for any updates.

I suspect with Orac the changes are slightly different, as its doesnt use the sound engine, rather schedules notes to go down to the next synth module (so it can be swapped for synth/sampler/ arp :wink: )
however, its very easy to change, basically we would just change the makenote for a note creation, then a (cancelable) delay to send the note off… that way it will do a note off either after a duration or if you press the key again.