Super Vibe Beta 2017

here is a Multi-Effect Beta called “SuperVibe” hahahehah

It has a set of effects for Beta testing
The operations are done upon live input

The AUX button changes between


  • Vibrato
    Vibrato + VCF
    Vibrato + Delay and Reverb
    Vibrato + VCF+ Delay and Reverb
    Buffer+ VCF+ Delay and Reverb
    wavedistortion+Buffer+ VCF+ Delay and Reverb
    pitchshifter+wavedistortion+Buffer+ VCF+ Delay and Reverb
    shaper+pitchshifter+wavedistortion+Buffer+ VCF+ Delay and Reverb

Each Aux button steps through the effect chains
each page effects one effect globally

It’s a beta so i am testing it, i hope that dropbox has not corrupted it

Happy Weekend


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this is amaZING!


I’m trying to isolate different effects to hear what they do, if I set the pitchshift transpose to 50 does that nullify the effect?

I’ll look and see. As a beta I except a few things will need adjusting if we can’t get pitch shift to behave I can remove it and possibly try another effect

I think I may replace the wavedistortikn with a proper bitcrusher too

oh! wait, there’s nothing wrong with pitch shift! I just wondered if there was a way it could be turned off.

I think I like the wave distortion. but if the bit crusher does the same distortion and more then that’s cool too.

This is volume 2 which replaces WaveDistortion with BitCrushing
and the first playing keys turn off on Buffer features [sub/main/gate/bypass]


This is rather superb! The vibe and VCF are outstanding. Not so sold on pitchshifter and shaper. But that may be more about learning to use them than anything else. Interesting to compare using the Organelle to my H9s. Lots of love for my Eventide algorithms, but sometimes they are just too nice (even the twisted ones). These are already useful sounds.

This patch is a new VIBE because i am trying to make them easier for users to edit them so i found a system that i can use as a template, all effects are between 1-4 parameters, all sliders are from 0-1 and they connect very simply

Thanks to Claudius Maximus pd guru for all his help

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Finally got to test this one out. Very cool! Ton of interesting sounds spewing out of it. Thanks!

Only vaguely negative feedback I’d give is that it would be cool to be able to toggle each fx on/off individually. In addition to the current aux = ‘chain options’. Also possibly organelle keys could be setup as shortcuts to access each individual fx page instead of having to twist/scroll/click the menu knob.

Not a dealbreaker AT ALL tho and current setup has its own strengths like rhythmically hitting aux to change the chain. Anyone know if I can Automate aux button from my Octatrack? Still haven’t bought a midi>USB box… Could be fun on this patch :wink:

i don’t feel that is negative necessarily, these two versions were really to see if these effects worked and sounded good.
I originally was reticent in including a buffer effect because you have to use playing buttons and with 7 effects with 4 buttons each the playing keys are all filled rather quickly and there would not be room for off/on for individuals. so as always there are trade-offs for usability that have to be considered, i am leaning towards adding a bypass per each effect and keeping the parameters [except for buffer as knob selections.

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so the keys do something to the buffer? i didn’t know that. i should try it.

This is volume 2 which replaces WaveDistortion with BitCrushing
and the first playing keys turn off on Buffer features [sub/main/gate/bypass]

i wrote it right under the zip file link for version 2

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yes! gosh. I need to learn how to read.

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