SuPR COmb Filter

THis a a COmB Filter with inversion capabilities


It’s always the ones I like the best that no one cares about. :joy:

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I’m well into it! Pushed a drum pattern through it from my volca and adjusted the multi function so the rhythms were kinda like off-sync, was super fun. Slowly but surely browsing through the various posts of patches I missed downloading the past couple of weeks. Sequential is epicccc. Took me a while to figure out DRUM (i can only seem to get it to run an 8 step sequence rather than 16) but enjoying that one too. Autechre patch is just great, completely love that. Sounds great either at fast or slow tempos. Patches like that one i’m not sure i feel comfortable using in my music as they are almost like a composition themselves but… it’s like sampling, right? Also was super chuffed your new ones play so nicely with midi metronome :wink:
Moog is one of my favourites, sounds even beefier through a compressor/overdrive. I have an issue with it though, when i play the patch through a midi keyboard the patch doesn’t seem to be receiving note off messages (i presume) - the last played note just continues indefinitely. Actually kinda cool in a way but would be better to have this not happen or just have as an option rather than fixed thing. Also when i save or save new, the patch always opens with the sequencer already playing.

Epic patches man x

this one took me a bit of figuring out.seems you need the balance turned down to hear the effect well. then i think you need to find frequencies in your input sound that you want to resonate. i want to try it on a drum beat.

i played a prince song through it, turned the balance down, messed about with the frequencies and resonances and suddenly the vocals sounded like a flock of crazed sparrows.

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crazed sparrows is good but wouldn’t it be Doves considering ? :slight_smile: 0000000oooooh

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Tried SuPRComb with guitar, love what I hear, will be using it on a new track I’ve been working on lately. Great patch Patrick!