Swarmatron patch?

Just got my Organelle yesterday and this patch sounds amazing. Awesome job @gobblesthe on version 1.0. i’m seeing the same thing as @jonnoui. Is that expected behavior? (also new to Pd. hope to able to contribute soon :slight_smile:)

Hey folks, sorry I fell of the face of the earth. Started a new job that’s gonna require some focus for a bit longer, but I still fully intend to keep working on this. Thanks for looking into this, @jonnoui @mretrop ! When you click that link, it does just show the page of pure data code. You can try

  • Right clicking the “Download” button and seeing if “Save Link As” shows up and click that

  • Left click the button to navigate to the page of code and “Save Page As” using your browsers option menu

  • Or just copy the code into notepad or whatever and save it as a .pd

It seems most people are hosting a .zip of their patch on patchrepo; when I’m by my desktop I’ll re-upload it as a zip to avoid this confusion. Let me know if none of those work for you, if you have questions, and what you think of it you’ve gotten to checking it out! Thanks again for the interest.