Syncing with LINK / WiFi

We’ve been working on getting the C&G patches to work with LINK. This isn’t completely straightforward because some of the patches deal with tempo differently. however many of the patches use a common ‘master-metronome.pd’ abstraction that handles generating clock or syncing to MIDI clock.

here is a set of all these patches updated for LINK:

all you need to do is connect your Organelle to a network with other LINK peers and it will sync to the session tempo, and the tempo knob will change tempo of entire session.

If you have a patch that uses master-metronome.pd and want it to use LINK, you can use this updated version:

master-metronome.pd (4.4 KB)

you also have to add these files to the patch:

abl_link~-help.pd (3.1 KB)
abl_link~.pd_linux (35.6 KB) (524.0 KB)


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