Synthesized Static

here is an abstraction of synthesized static

it sounds nice when you have two hard panned with some filtered noise


sounds nice. it is like clicks and pops from a record player, right?

here is Pd file:

click-pop.pd (1.1 KB)

reminds me of the recipes in Andy Farnell’s Designing Sound

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Yeah like clicks and pops from a record player.
I am working on a patch that will just be static + noise that you can control.

Wow just listening at the example files is amazing. I need this book to see the explanations!

It is a great book, everyone should read it.


yes! i want that! and i wonder if there is any way you can add a wavering pitch bend type thing for an external input so that it sounds like an old warped record? or something. perhaps.

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oh man. i just bought that book after reading about it. sounds like the perfect way to learn more pd. :blush: thx!!!


Definitely going to add some pitch shifting / warble!

Good idea