Tap Tempo

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how to add tap tempo to a patch? I plan to use the Organelle in a rock trio and need this to sync delays, etc to the song tempo on the fly.


Hey @korhanerel

Here is a simple one from the top of my mind:


Tab tempo.pd (865 Bytes)

Thank you!!! Actually I could have thought of this too, but but didn’t :smiley:

No problem. I prefer to just make stuff rather than think :slight_smile:

Thinking is overrated :star_struck::crazy_face::rofl:

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I couldn’t have done this without thinking about it first. I’m slow. :wink:

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Yeah, sorry stupid joke. I also thought about it, it was just a while ago, and now that you asked for it I thought I’d give it a go :slight_smile:

This is just simple one… And if you change tempo you probably have to tab it again. You could experiment with upgrading it so it is always “listening” to incoming tempo, like for example midi clock and it automatically adjust on tempo changes. But that would definately need more thinking to implement :slight_smile:

Hey I wasn’t offended or anything :slight_smile:

I just need tap tempo that I can use to change delay times while I’m playing live. I need this for a performance where I’ll be playing electronic drums in a rock trio (guitar/voice and violin/electronics), and plan to use some delay effects on some of the drum sounds.

thanks again

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No worries :slight_smile:

I think this can do it for you in a simple way. Since most delays are milliseconds anyway, I think this is all you need. Maybe you can turn down the rst time from 1 second to maybe half second. That would make it easir to make a good tab on the fly(if you dont get the right tempo on the first tabs).

Cool. Thanks. I’ll try this as soon as I have the time.


Is there a way to add tap tempo to Guitar2Arp? The aux acts as latch (necessary for the arpeggios obv), so that button is already occupied…

Well… you have the pedal input; not sure if this has been tried before (in another patch).

Ah, yeah. I was thinking about the fact that the pedal usually controls aux by default, but I suppose you could change that.

I’ll hopefully have an Ottobit Jr soon anyway, but Guitar2Arp really inspired me. Pedals that do arppegiation like Meris’ Ottobit, the Dwarfcraft Pitchgrinder, and the Molten Voltage G-Quencer for the DigiTech Whammy series are all $250-350! A tap tempo for this patch would be a great alternative!

@youngfamiliar @keymanpal yes, you could change the foot switch input to control the tap tempo. You could also create another page in the patch and use the aux button on that page to control tap tempo.