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hey shree, do you post any of the music you make online?


this is older euro and left field stuff


Oh wow, this filled my whole apartment up; my girlfriends running around waving a towel tryna get the bass out of here.


hahahaha —20 characters of lol

apparently i finally got wiki peed on too





i didn’t know that MXLX rocks a POCKET PIANO! WONDERFUEL!


Favourite track of RDJs for a good while.


experimental music THROWS OUT all the rules of SOCIETEE!
they DON’T CARE about tunes or MELODEE!
they care about BEING FREE!


This lad again


Dunno how I missed this song/film til last night. Perfect brainwashing tool to get my young daughters in to Lou Reed>Velvets :wink:

Edit - Just watched the clubbing scene. Don’t think this one’s gonna be appropriate for 3yr olds!








Oscar Peterson playing a Synclavier II

@shreeswifty any Synclavier emulators out there in Pd or SC? although what the organelle really needs is a little printer to go with it!


let me browse the files :slight_smile: