Thank you all

Just joined and wanted to thank you all for the lovely resorces.

I am an experienced Max/PD fiddler and hope to contribute soon.

MPE controllers (for timbre manipulation in fm, microsound and physical modelling systems)
Modular synthesis
MEC, thank you Mark! I managed to completly break it today with my Pico but fixed quickly.
Synthesis as an art form.

best P


Welcome to the party! It’s a good community this one, not driven by GAS but musical possibilities. Looking forward to your participation and contributions :slight_smile:


The best thing about this community are the terms people throw around; a lot of which I never heard of. So as a good boy who was raised RTFM , I start to look these terms up and in no time another rabit hole opens up where I can get lost. For me there is simply not enough time left to waste on GAS, free waking hours are spent coding patches and making music. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Its amazing how a little shiny blue box can swallow one’s time. Its really freed Pure Data in a way I wasn’t expecting!