Three Tracks: Wavescanner position not working

I enjoy using the Three Tracks patch. However, I encountered the position parameter (knob 3) in the Wavescanner multisynth not working.
It’s working in the 1008 patch, though the pd code differs.
Any ideas how to fix this?

Hmm…just tried the Three Tracks on an Organelle M and the Wavescanner worked on all three tracks.

Which model Organelle are you using? If using Organelle 1, are you storing the patch on the SD card?

Thanks for checking :slight_smile:
I have both organelle 1 and M. The position parameter (knob 3) for the Wavescanner synth in Three Tracks does not work on either of them. The values change, but to no effect.
The patch is stored on USB on the 1 and SD card on the M.

Hmmm…is it possible I am the only one experiencing this? Anyone?

I just tried and i can confirm, position of the Wavescanner doesn’t work… (Organelle M, SD card) :v: