Tips, Tricks and Easter Eggs

A thread for sharing cool things you have discovered on your music making journeys which were a Eureka! moment for you and unlocked some kind of breakthrough for you workflow or your musical potential in a way you had not considered before.

For instance:

  • I’ve just discovered the ‘Samplr’ app for Ipad. For ages i have been wondering what the hell kind of process Arca goes through to create these kind of organic sounding, but incredibly granular/spectral processing laden soundscapes, with acute seismic dynamic changes. I just thought he must have incredible patience or maybe 8 hands and loads of midi controllers. This app is super intuitive and I think might have just got me started on understanding it a bit better. Having a touchable XxY interface gives these sounds an amazing expressive sound which is somewhat uncommon for a lot of electronic sound processing. It’s super easy to use and really creates cool sounds.

  • Then i thought, huh - My laptop has a multi touchscreen (I disabled the function because it annoyed the hell out of me and went unused) so now I’m thinking… oh shit! Downloading a bunch more Max4Live stuff and planning to use my hands a bit more on those virtual knobs. I’ve avoided Ableton for a long time because i just absolutely hate mouses/mousepads.

I mean, maybe Arca really is just very patient and of course very talented but it felt like a breakthrough for me. We’ll see.

I wanna hear what kinda cards you guys are holding in the game of musical tips…

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