Troubleshooting Teensy MIDI device

I built a teensy based MIDI controller a few years ago - this - and I was really hoping to be able to plug it into my new to me Organelle. But I’m having a problem.

It connects OK, and I found a MIDI Monitor patch on patchstorage that it’s sending MIDI note on and off signals on channel 1.

Then If I go into one of the synths - doesn’t matter which one and play a note it gets stuck. If I go back to the MIDI monitor patch it takes a long time to load (as do other patches) and I see the following message in /var/log/messages on the organelle:

organellem kernel: [ 224.471869] sound midiC1D0: rawmidi drain error (avail = 1624, buffer_size = 4096)

Other MIDI devices work fine, and this controller works fine on mac, windows and ipad.

Thoughts / help please?

… so good news - my home made midi controller works fine under orac, so that’s cool. I’m hoping the combination of organelle and this midi controller will make for a good music playing rig on the train. No velocity but it does do midi CC breath control (that doesn’t work very well - I may turn the instrument into a little bagpipe cross between a midi controller, chromatic accordion and bagpipes.

That is good news that it is (sort of) working. Doe is do the MIDI stuff over USB? Might be a USB issue, or could be the device is sending too much CC data or something. The Organelle M (if that is what you are using) is based on Raspberry Pi, so if you poke around you might find some info about this kind of homemade MIDI controllers and Raspberry Pi.

Hey _kd, did you get your teensy to talk to the Organelle over USB MIDI? I’ve got a controller I built that I’m struggling to get working. I can select it in the MIDI settings, but the MIDI Monitor patch (thanks for mentioning) doesn’t see any data coming in.

It works fine on the other few devices I’ve tried it with, but I’m a bit stumped as to why it’s not working.

How did you do the breath control? I’ve been thinking of building a ribbon/breath controller, but I haven’t quite decided what route to take for the mechanism.

I discovered that some of the standard synth patches don’t like it (eg analogstyle I think). But it works correctly with orac. I’d need to get someone with device driver expertise to look at what might be going on with the problematic patches, as they work with my keyboard but not my controller which suggests a bug in the arduino/teensy firmware.

I ended up digging around on the Teensy forum, and found some posts about similar issues. Upgrading TeensyDuino to the 1.54 beta ironed everything out, and my sequencer is up and running with the Organelle.

Cool. I wonder if that would fix

My stuck note issue too. Only happens with polyphony, but that could well be my bug.