Tunod - Experimental multi-tap delay/looper

I’m taking the release of Chase Bliss’s Habit as a trigger to finally release a patch that I have already finished two years ago. Of course, this is not a clone of Habit, but Tunod can also be a delay with memory (and much more), producing results that range from relatively normal delay to outright insanity.

The patch is quite complex, so I wrote a small manual for it:

And Tunod itself can be found here:


Thank you for sharing this! Read the manual and it sounds spectacular. The description reminds me of Bastl Thyme - which I guess is a nice association.

I tried it out though and did not manage to get any sound out of it. The manual is clear enough about all the settings - but how do you start the effect or recordings?

An advice for a quick start would be very helpful in the sense of “to start connect an audio source and press button x and y”. Maybe even a little tutorial video?

Patch is missing notspigot~. Looks fun to try this when that’s added!

I redownloaded it and there is notSpigot~ in the zip archiv. I have an Organelle 1, is it possible that the file names are case insensitiv here and case sensitiv in the newer model?

With the saved preset, is should work out of the box like a delay with a relativ small delay time. No need to start or press anything.

Edit: I added a notspigot~ copy to the archiv, hopefully this fixes the problem.

The new version works perfectly “out of the box”. No need for further explanations or a video.

The zip does not contain a folder though, so you have to create one after installation and move all the files.

That’s good to hear. I hope you like it.

And sorry for the missing folder, I fixed that now and re-uploaded the patch.

This looks phenomenal, would it be possible to add the ability to have a midi clock sync at some point?

Giving me Count to 5/blooper pedal vibes :slight_smile:

When you change the buffer length while you have already recorded some audio you get not really nice sounding artifacts (and this has conceptual reasons that are not easy to solve), and as MIDI clock always come with some tempo jitter, I decided not to support MIDI clock. But in the case that you didn’t see it: You can set the tempo while pressing the AUX button.

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Sweet Just went through the manual quickly when I asked, going to be using it this week :slight_smile: So stoked people are still creating interesting patches

This is pretty incredible! I feel like I’m going to need a long time to fully understand it but already making some really interesting sounds.

Thanks a lot!

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Really cool patch! How do you keep track of what is going on though?

Do you use overlays? Have you memorised what each of the characters on the bottom row relate to?

Seems pretty impossible to me, so I opted to just mash the keys and enjoy the results without understanding - which was fun.

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I went through each of the different functions in instructional pdf & it slowly started to make sense, to a small degree at least haha. It’s nice that it is possible to just button bash & interesting results too though.

@Klinkenstecker, I’ve just noticed that the Track Distance in the higher octave doesn’t have the - state, it just rotates between . & _

Good catch, this is a copy&paste error in the table.

Not working for me. Downloaded the one on patchstorage only this week, seems to receive audio but no output. It’s driving me mad cause I’m so close :joy:

School boy error :joy::sob:just needed to copy it zipped!
Some fun to be had here🙌🏿