Turning off Input Monitoring (because feedback)

Hi C&G Team and others –

Thrilled with my new Organelle M! I want to modify some existing patches for easier live use with the built-in microphone and built-in speaker together. So I need to turn off input monitoring, to avoid feedback. I’m a novice with PD, but want to learn more.

Can you please explain how I would change a patch to avoid feedback?

I suppose another way of doing this would be to mute the speaker output while the mic is on – much like my Kaleidoloop does. Any advice greatly appreciated!

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The easy thing to do is switch the input to Line In using the mic / line selector switch on the back.

Otherwise this depends on what patch you are referring to. There is no global input monitoring setting, it is up to the patch designer. Some patches have monitoring always on (look for a [r~ inL] connected to a [throw~ outL] in the patch), some use the input but don’t have any monitoring, some have monitoring as an option, others let you control monitor level with a knob. so it really depends on the patch. is there a specific one you are looking at?

Thanks! I’m hope to use the Organelle for live processing of acoustic instruments that I’m playing, so flipping the switch on and off each time isn’t the solution for me.

I don’t have specific patches in mind, because I’m just starting to make a plan for this setup. But, for instance, imagine I am playing a saxophone, and want to live sample myself playing into Segmenti, while controlling the “notes” with a Keith McMillen MIDI floor foot pad controller. I’d want to use an Aux pedal to turn sampling on and off, so I would need to mute input monitoring at all times. Is there a simple way of just deleting the monitoring element?

My other goal is to design a patch that’s basically a bunch of Kaleidoloops put together. I’m hoping to find someone who is more skilled who can help me assemble some of these custom patches… will post that as a new topic too!

different patches handling ‘monitoring’ differently because it depends on context.
e.g. what you are calling monitoring for an FX is often called a dry/wet mix.

similarly different patches handle midi differently… some have a assignable midi many do not.

so unless you’re using something with a more generic structure (like Orac) then its going to involve PD coding.

Orac would allow you to control (via midi CC) things like turning up n down the gain on the mic level, and also the output level, so might be worth looking at if you haven’t already.

Thanks again, makes sense that this task is patch-dependent. What I really need is for the mic gain to stay where it is, but just to not pass along the “live” mic signal to the output – but still have it feed into the patch internally.

The first main patch I’m trying to use is Picostudio, by user majjoha on Patchstorage. Basically I just want to modify it to work like my Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop, so I can record with the internal mic without feedback. Although I guess the Kaleidoloop also mutes the speaker output altogether while recording, which is probably also useful when recording 4 loops concurrently to the same device. Hmmmm…

hey bro, yeah that mic is pretty close to that speaker haha

i just mute the mic, or put the volume down when i go to sample grab

there is probably an easier way to do it, but im a noob too

great tool tho! Already making music sent over to rappers and other musicians