Turning on/off the Effects of the Organelle when used with a Guitar

How would I turn the effects of the original Organelle on/off whilst playing the electric guitar at the same time? In this scenario, the guitar would be plugged into the input jack and the Organelle would, in turn, be plugged into a separate amplifier using a dual splitter cable and the l/r output jack.

This could be done using the foot pedal input, maybe requiring some editing in pd files depending on the particular patch.
I’d recommend this as an easy solution for true bypass though: Bypass Pedal


Do you know what kind of editing would be required if I buy a foot input pedal? Does any brand of bypass pedal work?

If you’re not familiar with programming PD then it’s way easier to use the bypass pedal. You’ll also have to edit every patch to accept the input and respond as you want. It would be a huge amount of work.

Any brand of bypass pedal that has send and return will work, it’s a super simple circuit. From the £20 Wish version linked above to a £200 Swiss Things from EQD.

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Using the link below, I found code that would probably help me with my issue and it would save me money to use this as opposed to buying the pedal. My only questions are where do I copy and paste the code to and how do access it on the actual Organelle? Monitoring While Sampling