Updated patches without seq3?

Has the seq3 sequencer been deactivated in the recent patch updates on patchstorage?
Instead of showing the aux seq3 menu there is only some simple sequencer with play/stop functionality on the aux button, e.g. Analog Style.

Edit: Accurate info in @oweno ‘s post below.

The patch notes/instructions for the updated patches aren’t even accessible. If clicking the tiles for the patch detail page only the download begins instantly.

I haventhad the impression that those cpatches were part of a beta phase.

Zone seems to be the only recently updated patch implementing seq3 so far.

There does seem something funny going on with Patch Storage… I see the same issue, the tiles no longer link to the patch page, but only start the download (of the old version). But if you click the download icon on the tile it starts a download of the new version, so something is messed up.

You can always download patches from this page:


Or a zip of all the most up to date versions:


Thank you, Owen.
I will update from the official sources then.

hi oweno! i’ve been replacing all the old patches with the updated ones you’ve been uploading at patchstorage, but before the site started to have this behavior. do you know if this means the versions i downloaded are the new ones? or are they the outdated ones?

Hi @alanca - hard to say since we don’t run the patch storage site. If you are unsure, you should probably download a zip of all the most up to date versions of the patches:


thanks! i’ll do that then

@moosiqpipl We reached out to Patch Storage and they fixed the issue you mentioned above. Thanks!

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Thank you for your support, @oweno and @chrisk :+1: