USB drive ruined first day (solved ty)

Just got the organelle and my dog just bit into the card now it won’t work.
I’m trying to order one but the shipping alone is 16$ USD :scream:
I’m looking to use my own drive but looks complicated.
Anyone know of another vendor for these cards that ship USPS rather than UPS ground , that’s way cheaper than the ups option offered here. Thanx

you can use any USB card and just format it

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it looks like you have to install the back up via command , and i have never used that in my life

picture of dog please


No you can use any card you like just format correctly with your computer

he is missing now hahahahahahah '‘cant find him’

create a folder called /Patches on it and place all the files from G&G in there

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As shreeswifty says, just buy any old USB drive then use the forum search tool to find the steps as followed by others who have had similar issues. :slight_smile: You should be back jamming soon.

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format the drive and drag n drop the back up ?

thanks! im gonna give it a go, i must have found an old thread here that said you had to do things differntly

be honest, did you get peckish and try to eat your organelle?

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i figured if i ate it, it would have more bite…zing…ok that was lame haha but dang it i only had an hour to use it so far

i have a drive that has files on it , wav files …do i have to delete those, or can i juse create the patches folder…and drag the back up there…its already formatted fat 32

created patches folder…now do i just download all the patches here and install v2 os or do i need to do more ( )

So first, clear and format the USB drive to FAT or FAT32 (both work fine, can’t remember which is the better fit for organelle).

Then, create a folder called ‘Patches’ on the drive.

All your downloaded patches should go in there. The organelle will access them as one folder per patch, using the folder as a directory for the various ingredients of each patch (pd files, wav samples etc).

Be careful not to copy and paste .zip files onto the drive, as the organelle cannot read them. For best results, just open the zip files in your file browser to reveal the unzipped folder, then drag the folder to the ‘Patches’ folder you made earlier on your USB drive. Should get you back on track.


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Thank you man !!! Doing now