USB MIDI-USB - Seville Soft - MIDI connection between two host


Past couple of weeks searching for something I recall existed; found it!

Has anyone used this? any experience?
I might give it a try :wink:

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Good find, let me know how you get on if you are the first daring Organellonaut to try it.


in fact it seems to look like the iconnectmidi, but cheaper and smaller. I connect my organelle with iconnectmidi2+ on my laptop with 2 usb cable and it works very well with ableton. You just have to set up properly “iconfig” software by opening the good gates.


@ghostly606 i’ll report back;

Yep, i also have an iconnectmidi2+ and it works, even with some quirks (did use it on the Pianoteq video) but rather leave it for the IPad “duties”.


Hi all, I am the developer of the “MIDI USB-USB”. Some Organelle users bought it to connect it to a DAW on a PC or Mac.


Hola from Granada :slight_smile:
I’ve just ordered one (so only 1 left now ) ,
hopefully, as I’m not far away, should arrive soon, and can report back.



Oooo I want one!


Yeah, I went with the purchase, even having the iConnectMIDI2, its on the mail for some 15 days now :frowning:
BUT tomorrow is Monday lets hope it gets delivered!


I sent it to you by MRW so you can have it tomorrow.


It has already arrived, I hope you try it soon and tell us.



and I have since been using it successfully in various scenarios. Was getting accustom to it :wink:

Organelle > MIDI USB-USB better use the (provided!) 35cm USB cable, otherwise LED’s on the MIDI USB-USB will be upside down. (its Organelle USB plugs upside down)
Works as expected; 4 bidirectional MIDI ports. Now that Organelle has OS3.0 its a matter of configure Pd and patching :wink:

Total of 128 MIDI channels thru this device! "back and forth"
MIDI USB-USB Puerto 1 - 16Ch
MIDI USB-USB Puerto 2 - 16Ch
MIDI USB-USB Puerto 3 - 16Ch
MIDI USB-USB Puerto 4 - 16Ch

Ending note: I was curious about USB power handling how the MIDI USB-USB receives from both ends?
Turns out it simply does not work attached to my, “high regarded” powered USB Hubs - neither Belkin or Anker
BUT!! happened to try adding UNPOWERED USB hubs in between and it works; gets detected!


cool, mines arrived too, but no time to look at it till tomorrow

power handling/powered hubs, Im a bit confused…what topology were you trying?
usb hosts have to be self powered, so thats ok… so the ‘problematic area’ i guess is:

   -> usb hub -> midi usb-usb -> mac          
              -> pico/soundplane 

here, i do use a usb powered hub, so the pico/soundplane draw power thru the hub rather than the organelle.

i guess, i could get one of the adapters that allow power to be added directly via usb. (i.e data lines from computer/hub, but power from another psu), but ive heard of audio (ground loop) issues with these.

anyway, not a vital thing… if Ive got the organelle attached to the mac, id probably just connect the eigenharp to the mac too :wink:

Im glad it works with unpowered hubs though, that was something that i did wonder about.


Without going exhaustive with many topologies, the way I see it is:
IF there is “lots” of power (from “good” powered USB it does not work, all lights get steady on, so this is from either sides…

@thetechnobear You’ll get time to play with it :wink:


thanks @SevillaSoft, it arrived safely (and quickly too) and works perfectly.
its going to be a really handy thing to have around.

@keymanpal , seems to work with both my powered hubs (a manhattan 7 port, and pluggable 10 port) , both when powered and unpowered. using the topology I depicted above… i.e. where the dongle is attached to one outlet of the hub, and then connects to the mac.


Thanks you @thetechnobear and @keymanpal for your trust.


So, better luck then me…

ohh ideas I have and possibilities… 25h day :wink:
Organelle > MIDI USB-USB > Axoloti (4 ports)
Organelle > MIDI USB-USB > IOS device…