Use iMac as a screen for the Organelle?

Is it possible ?
I tried connecting them with a HDMI/Minidisplay cable. Hitting cmd+F2 to enter target mode does nothing.
Help ? Help !

I don’t think this works with adapters :frowning:

If you have a WiFi card ( if not get one ;)) then you can do Pd dev over X, see my post
( if I get time I really want to package vnc which is easier for most people!)

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That’s a bummer, but thanks !
I’ll check this. Any recommendation for a wi-fi key ?

Yeah, VNC is a great idea, much simpler!

You mean this topic ?
I’ll try to figure it out. I’m a total novice with Linux.

I’ve bought this one :
Work fine.

If you ever find a way to write a step by step on how to VNC from a Mac, that would be awesome. I’m lost.

I had a bit of a go at this the other day, but couldn’t get any VNC servers to run on this arch Linux version - even after updating some things.

I did have some luck with remote X windows … see this thread: Remote display (X11)