Use OP1 drumkits on organelle

Hi there,
Noob alert !!!
I have made a search but haven’t found a patch that could directly use the aiff drumkit files from the op-1, by allocating each sample part to the organelle keys, just like its done on the OP1 drum part.
As far as I can remember, the information about the various lenghts is stored in the aiff header file, do you guys think it would be possible to get back this info to keep the same layout as on the op 1?
As there are loads of OP1 drumkits floating around, it would be great to change the drumkits on the fly, just by a knob rotation, and to overcome the drumkit number limitation on the op 1 !
Cheers !
And thanks for your tremendous work here !

I think I’d better stick with op1 for that job :smiley:

A good beginning is converting the aiff files to 16-bit wav format. I use Audacity for this.

:thinking: Sorry if I can’t help more, it’d be a great drum patch something with that characteristics.


Hi there,
might be, but the problem is that we will likely lose the header information with the samples position when converting to wav…
Could use Children of Sample for sure, but I’m trying to thing of an automated way of loading of the samples chops when loading the sample.

The great operator-1 forum has a topic about this :

Attach an AIFF example and I could make a trial. As far as I know, Audacity keeps metadata.

sure this could be done ( though it would need to be done as a custom PD external, i suspect)
but its only really useful to OP-1 users - for others having to use the op-1 drum utility to create a set of drum kit is more effort (in preparation) than have wav’s as separate files.
(and theres plenty of drum kit material out there besides op-1 kits)

just my opinion as a non op-1 user… I guess if i had an op-1, i possibly be tempted to do it , just as a challenge :wink:

Yes it is rather easy to build an op1 drumkit with one’s samples, but the other way round is complicated !
I would find this patch useful as there are heaps of drumkits (some are genius) on !