Use Organelle like a poly sampler?

Hello C&G !

I love make some home made kontakt instrument, for exemple i record an old piano (each note with 3 different velocity).
With The Orgnelle can i do something similar ? like a poly sampler ? and assign knob to release / sample start / fx …

that can be great …

(PS : i’m french sorry for my english …)

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We are actually working on a similar patch, 1 sound sample for each key, so yes it is very possible. Then the knobs might control things like overall pitch or sample start / release like you mention.

The Organelle does not have velocity sensitive keys, but it is MIDI capable. This means a patch may be setup for velocity sensitive operation (such as different samples for different velocities), but you will only experience it with a MIDI controller. (the Organelle keys send out constant velocity of 100)

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I need some clarity as to how samples can be loaded into sampler patches. I understand that physical audio inpu is one option. But what about loading an empty sampler patch and then assigning samples tonthat patch from a folder on the disk drive? For example, I might want to swap out sounds in a drum machine patch. How is that done?

I made a more detailed post about sampling over here. Most everything you mention is possible, but depending on the behavior it might require editing Pd patches versus using what comes out of the box.

The Sampler Style patch that comes loaded on the Organelle makes a good example of some things that are possible without having to edit or create a new patch. Inside this patch’s folder are 24 .wav sound files. These may be swapped out with your own samples (should be 44.1kHz 16bit .wav files). You could then copy the Sampler Style patch so there are two of them, and then put different sounds in each one.

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i was wondering if sampler style could be modified play back loops and toggle on and off the loops with (kind of like an old Dr. Sample)

Jeraphy does this (Toggle on and off)