User error - deleted

User error - deleted

you do not unzip img files, they are not compressed zip files, you use a tool like to write them directly to the sdcard.

if your new to the organelle, dont upgrade yet (or try rewriting your sdcard) … 4.0 is not released yet,
better to use released versions of things, if you’re not yet familiar with the product.

Thanks for replying! Sorry for such an obvious error.

TIred and bleary, misread the file name: for some reason v3.2 downloads as zip, but v4 unzipped itself and I didn’t catch on. I had to download v3.2 for a rewrite, because the machine won’t boot since I removed the SD card.

I’ll leave this post here for a while before deleting, as a warning to the unwary (me).

Edit: note manual text…