Using Organelle as midi master with Reaper

So I’m trying to get Reaper on my computer to sync with the organelle.

I’ve got MIDI in working fine, and can record MIDI, but I can’t get Reaper to listen to the Organelle’s MIDI clock. As soon as I set up Reaper to Sync to the right MIDI device (or all MIDI devices) and hit record, I get the message “Waiting for Time Code” and nothing seems to happen.

Has anyone had any success with this?

Which patch are you using? Not all Organelle patches send MIDI clock…

I’ve mainly been trying with an orac patch. Transport on the clock slot, Polybeats to fusion for testing purposes.Serial router, although I doubt that makes a difference.

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Alright. I plugged it into my Roland FP5 keyboard into Reaper by MIDI DIN cables, and can get reaper to receive SPP when I press the record button on the FP5

I plugged the Organelle into my Keyboard by USB and the organelle picks up the clock from the Keyboard fine. If I then plug in the midi cables to my audio interface, I can’t get the organelle to send midi clock to Reaper.

Dont’ know how to get the organelle to send SPP,
Don’t know how get the organelle to midi thru the roland’s clock (and possibly SPP signal). I mostly play with Orac so it would be good to know how to achieve this

I worked it out.

Transport module in the clock slot.
Sequencer chain on A1 and A2 (e.g. Polybeats and Fusion). midiout on A3

Switch MIDI on in transport (press B2 the high B)
Set reaper up to sync SPP clock from the relevant midi input.
Press record on Reaper.
Pressing AUX while on the transport module will start recording.

Now have to work out how to get timings to align to the grid on reaper


OK, a little more research it looks like I might be able to modify Transport (or midi out) to send out a MIDI CC on every beat of the bar and yoke that into Reaper’s tap tempo function

It seems working with reaper as tempo slave is a bit painful.