Using organelle as synth onto tape


I’ve recently been inspired by hainbach’s videos on YouTube, recording the OP-1 directly onto a 4 track tape recorder, or even an old school reel-to-reel, for that analogue vibe. Can the organelle do that?


There are a number of official and user made patches which emulate ‘lo-fi’ sound quality. A particularly useful example in the effects category is this offering inspired by a popular CBA pedal: Generation Lost | Patchstorage

Other options include the C+G Tapey sampler, which can achieve some exaggerated tape sounds. And of course you could purchase the real thing, though both decks and tapes can be prohibitively expensive these days.

I think the “Dust” patch from Kyle Werle might be worth looking at for that type of effect.

I mean to answer the original question, yes you can record the organelle onto tape/ reel-to-reel. You can record pretty much anything that makes sound onto tape. the organelle’s many different synthesizer patches will all sound nice and analogue of you record them onto tape.