Using Organelle with Littlebits usb i/o?

Hi, I recently bought an Organelle M and I am very happy with it. I have no real PD experience, but I have been able to transfer some Automationism patches to my Organelle, and have been having fun with them.

Because I’m a poor programmer, most of my patches sound tinny, as if they were bandpassed. One way to beef up the sound would be to make better patches, and another way would be to send my patches through external analog gear.

I have quite a few Littlebits modules collecting dust. Would it be possible to send audio from the Organelle through Littlebits and back into the Organelle?

I think it could work, perhaps with the Littlebits usb i/o module: Korg littleBits USB I/O Audio - Control Voltage

The patch I have in mind would go like this:

Organelle audio out via Littlebits usb i/o, through Littlebits filter & delay, then back in to the Organelle via the mic input.

Does anybody have any experience with such things? Can it be done?

Cheers, and thanks for your help

bonus question:

The Littlebits usb i/o module is DC coupled, so, theoretically it could be used to get control voltages in and out of the Organelle. If so, there are numerous modulation options including light sensors, temperature sensors, motion sensors, not to mention Eurorack CV.

Does anybody have any experience with this?

Why does the audio need to feed back into the organelle?

Good question! Thanks for your reply.

The audio does not need to go back into the organelle.

However, I was imagining the possibilities of inserting an external filter (and delays and whatever else) in the middle of an fx chain. I really like the reverbs that the organelle can do, so I’d like to use the organelle reverb at the end of the chain. The final audio would leave the organelle through the regular external outs.