Using zexy library's [>~] and [<~]

almost finished with a beta version of a monome-based multitrack looper/chopper patch.

i’ve just re-written the pure data sample player using zexy’s [<~] and [>~] to detect looppoints but am having some trouble getting the patch to load properly. my usual approach to using extended objects is just to copy and paste the appropriate .pd_linux files from the pd extended library for organelle to the patch folder.

in this case there doesn’t seem to be any .pd_linux file for [<~] or [>~]. instead, there appear to be linux files named 0x3e0x7e.pd_linux and 0x3c0x7e.pd_linux that correspond to these objects. when i copy these to the patch folder, however, the patch still doesn’t seem to recognize them.

i’ve also tried the [declare -path /pd-extended/zexy] approach to no avail. any ideas on what i might be doing wrong here?

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did you try renaming them <~.pd_linux and >~.pd_linux? 0x3e0x7e is hex for <~ (ASCII 3e is ‘<’ and 7e is ‘~’) I don’t know how they got named like that…

you have to load hexloader lib.
[declare -lib hexloader]

They’re named like that because these symbols aren’t allowed in file names.

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@oweno i did try renaming to no avail… looks like these forbidden characters need hexloader to be resolved properly.

thanks @batinste for pointing that out! (for anyone interested, more info on hexloader is here),

in the meantime i figured out a workaround that is slightly less cpu efficient, but vanilla-friendly:

[expr~ $v1 < $v2] or [expr~ $v1 > $v2]