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I uploaded a Mode called FONT to patchstorage.com
This mode has two functions in my setup:

1.) I place all fonts I am using in this directory. So I can get them from each mode using a relative path like:
font = pygame.freetype.Font(etc.mode_root + "../FONT/symbols.ttf", fontsize)
The symbols.ttf font is the one, which is used in all the font based modes, like T_Fonts_Grid, T_Font_Recedes and similar.
The font.ttf is the one which is used by the 0_Sound_MIDI_Evaluation and similar
Other fonts can be simply added.

2.) the main.py in this mode lists all characters of a font with their decimal address and allows scrolling through this list.
Knob1 controls the fontsize,
knob2 determines the scroll width (half page, full page),
knob3 determines whether to scroll up oder down.
The scrolling itself is done by the trigger button

(PS: the fun starts at character No.5120)

I think the main.py of this mode is a simple example how to display these characters.

I hope this helps


this is a great font patch nice work! also referencing the font file by relative path is a good move, that way you can just swap out the font and enjoy new visuals from whatever mode was using it.

I like the idea of using a font file as generic vector graphics storage container… I assume there are converters that will spit out ttf file given input graphics, but haven’t really looked into it much yet. anyone know of easy / open tools for making font files?

Cool! In addition to helping with creating new fonts, I’m guessing this will allow us to figure out how to more predictably display the glyphs we want for a given patch? Thanks for doing this!

Actually my question was answered a while ago, just never got around to trying. Thanks @jani!

The main problem will be to create vector graphics from pixel based files (please correct me if I am wrong)

yes, that is definitely the harder part. there are a bunch of tools available for this, such as potrace:

You might also like this one… https://www.vectorizer.io
it spits vectors out of many image formats.

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I’m willing to make a new font for this purpose. And if someone wants to submit some cool raster based files, I’d be willing to vectorize (trace) them. I would be doing this in Adobe Illustrator. Compared to AI, I don’t think cloud based solutions are very reliable for tracing. (You’ll get plenty of ‘holes’ filled with white.)

The question still remains how to more predictably randomize (in code) a range of characters/glyphs for an existing font. We’re discussing that here: Using/Changing Fonts used in ETC Modes

yea AI is the way to go for picture tracing…

i like the idea of fooling your eyes. here are some ideas and a cool font i tried… the spiral illusion is kind a trippy!


We are doing the spinning illusion with this patch - Optical Illusion Mode - Extreme Rotation! Except in this case we are using PNG images.

I’m sure it could be done with fonts as well!

i tried that… :dizzy_face: really hypnotizing! good work!

I only had the initial idea, but all the credit really goes to @thetechnobear :raised_hands: