Vocal harmonizer? (Collier, Bon Iver)

I’m so glad! If everyone is cool with it, I will try to add MIDI control to it. The notes will change the main pitch which should be the last main part


Just gave it a (quick) try yesterday night - it does sound great!
A few things I’ll probably try to modify (don’t wanna be too picky with you, you’re already my hero :-)):

  1. I would like to limit the range of the pitch shift, both on the upper and lower side: the thing is that more than 180° correspond to pitches I know I would probably never use (even because they would sound way too unnatural with the sources I’m gonna be using it for), and that makes it quite difficult to select the right note in the range of interest.
    Of course when adding MIDI there’ll be no actual need of turning the knobs on the Organelle itself…
  2. I’d like to see the name of the selected note (or interval, even just as a number of semitones with respect to the pitch played, something like +XX or -YY) displayed on the screen as a reference.
  3. When moving to the next page, the knobs positions automatically set the corresponding parameter value, requiring a bit of back and forth before setting the actual pitches you wanna get played.

As usual, sorry for sounding too picky or demanding - I’m actually appreciating a lot what you’ve re doing here!
Thanks again!


i don’t think that’s picky, i like all those ideas i think they are great. i was thinking about how to show what is going on for sure and certainly the range can be reduced too. i think if it narrows the sweet spots will become easier to dial in too. I like how it sounds so i am inspired to keep going on this one and i learned a ton about harmonizers in the last week or so for sure! :slight_smile:


Excuse my ignorance, but where are the libraries of Pure Data Extended? Thanks

there’s a link on the forum here for the ones that the C&G team prepared. it should go on the root directory

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Here’s the link to the post: Pd Extended Objects for Organelle :slight_smile:


Hey, thank you! :smile:

Thank you @shreeswifty, both for the answer and for the harmonizer patch :notes: :musical_note:

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thanks I am going to add more stuff but i am liking how it sounds so far

I tested the Uneventide with a clarinet, and simulates a wind section, sounds trombonish. It’s a really cool patch.


sounds really nice with clarinet!

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I am going to be updating and adding some features to uneventide this week, better menus and whatnot coming soon!


So excited!! Hope you are considering to make it respond to the keys!
Really have missed that on my Organelle :slight_smile:

Where is this patch at?! Any MIDI implementation yet?

Sidenote: is there an ‘autotune’ patch for the organelle yet?

I don’t think it needs MIDI it’s a harmonizer effect that has soundtouch~. What do you envision Midi doing?

Don’t think it really needs to apart from note messages (keys) and knob cc’s which I think get sent to organelle in any patch. This patch sounds dope - did you find the source of that delay effect on voice one of the harmonizer @shreeswifty? Do you think it would be possible to map the voices in the same way they are in C&G’s Granular Freezer Patch too?

When we last spoke you said you hadn’t tried the patch out yet.
The way the keys work is that middle C is unity, all other keys are pitched chromatically from there (low c is an octave down etc.).

There is Dry/Wet Control which could stay for your patch. (This could be very cool to sweep in and out while holding a chord)
There is a latched and unlatched mode enabled with the Aux Button. Your patch could have 4 voice polyphony, but have the option of using just one, two or three voices depending on how many keys in a chord are being pressed. Let me know how much work this requires, I might be asking the world. (Gonna increase my donation later tonight I hope)

This was my sorta thinking for how the keys could work in a vocal harmonizer patch. For desired tunings and chords outside this range, perhaps an external midi keyboard or midi sequencer would do the work. This seems to be the kind of setup Jacob Collier uses (midi keyboard).

ok I am going to make an earnest effort on this tomorrow, i promise. I just finished a commission this morning so i gotta go outside for a while …lol I will look at that other one and see what i can cough …borrow


@shreeswifty i was just wondering about having MIDI to control which harmony notes are played. is that still part of the plan? it would be cool if you could sequence MIDI notes into this patch. i send MIDI chords out of ableton to a voicelive.

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Haha yes rest yourself man. Have an ice cream!

Is it too late to ask if the patch is now configured to be used with an external MIDI keyboard controlling the harmonies?

Thank you!