Voice stealing advice needed for sampler24

Hi - I’ve loaded some longer samples into a sampler 24 module
When I turn up the release of the samples I think it’s maxing out the CPU and organelle chokes
I have longer (3-4 second) one shot note samples, and am sending rapid chords in succession

If anyone could advise me on how to set up voice stealing, and/or if voice stealing is a good solution to the problem, I’d totally appreciate it :slight_smile:

Patch photo of what I think is the area in question is below

Also - If it’s possible to add a secondary tune control I tried adding input from a 4th knob and it’s somewhat working, but it goes out of tune at the extremes. I am sure this is just a hack and there is a more proper solution…

Screen Shot 2023-10-26 at 4.48.55 PM

Poly handles your voice stealing. But it does it on number on notes (12 in diagram above when called) not when the processor is getting busy.

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Thanks. I think I understand better. So even if there are 12 samples for the patch, I could limit the voices to 8 by getting rid of some of the extra [s24-voice $1] objects, and changing the route and poly objects to 8, and I’d still have access to all 12 samples?

I think I was confusing number of samples with number of voices bc in this case they were the same number!

Yep, makes sense to me. 12 samples are just 12 notes as far as poly cares.

Been playing with this a bit more - I took the voice count down to 12, but a strange thing is happening when I exceed the voice limit, the release time of any new notes played goes to zero. Any reason this might be happening? Is the poly object really made to work with a synth, rather than samples? Maybe there is a workaround. I appreciate any thoughts on this :slight_smile:

That explains poly and note off or steal options very well.